July 12th 2020

As usual, all my kits are available on this web site and at 




In the past month I have produced two kits that are available only

at https://e-scapeandscrap.net/boutique/

One kit is an add on kit fro a free kit celebrating the birthday 

of the site,

The other is a mystery kit,

As promised I also produced a kit "Fading Memories ", which

is a Vintage kit, and my long awaited Steampunk kit, called

"Gears and Gizmos"

A close-up of some of the elements in Gears and Gizmos  is shown at the top of this blog

The next kit that I have in the works is "The Explorers". This will take

us back to a time when much of the world was unknown and 

we had to get lost on our own without the aid of GPS. This may develop into a series. I am also toying with "The Inventors".

This month I have a FREE mini kit for  you all, "The Alchemist's Apprentice".

Stay happy and healthy and please join me in saying a very big thank you

to all Doctors, Nurses and other health workers.


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